Jan Eberle Schaberg's The Ant and the Grasshopper ... If this sounds familiar, that's because it is based on the Aesop fable, but adapts the saga for a younger audience. 28 pages tell of an enchanting woods setting, two friends, and two very different perspectives on life and what winter will bring. The fine, full-page color embellishments are a delight: the story retains its complexity while appealing to young readers and read-aloud listeners alike (the later audience will want to listen over a period of time, to better absorb the story's concepts).” - Diane Donovan

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Jan Eberle has given us a warm trip down Memory Lane and into the life of a father she clearly loved very much. Stars shine brightly for a while in the fickle world of popular music, then inevitably fade as tastes change. They never dim, however, in the memories of their fans, and they live on in the recordings they leave behind. In the case of Ray Eberle, he also lives on in this loving memoir written by his daughter.” - Robert Ryan

— THE PEPPER TREE, A literary Magazine

Jan Eberle has always been surrounded by music and has a unique appreciation for its history. Her father, Ray Eberle, was part of the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra and cast a major influence on her life. Jan definitely seems to have inherited his talent, judging from her 35+ years as a musician and her performances with Florida theater groups. She has even proven herself as an author, writing a book about her father as well as two musical scores for children's manuscripts.” - Paula Murray, Editor

— "U" MAGAZINE, Manatee

Looking forward to being able hear the new Jan Eberle Show, 'Swing Museum.' She sounds terrific on the r.o.s. promos you've been running. Couldn't catch the original real time feed. Hope to catch d.b. archive podcast playback asap. With her abilities as author, vocalist, musician, am/fm broadcaster, and expertise in the realm of jazz, big band music and american popular standards (and beyond) I am sure that Jan will highly compliment your KSAV organization's image.” - Bill Quinn

— Broadcast Consultant

4th ANNUAL RAY EBERLE SCHOLARSHIP GALA IS A RESOUNDING SUCCESS! by: Doug Miles If the enthusiastic reaction from the patrons attending The 4th Annual Ray Eberle Scholarship Gala last night at the Bradenton Elks Lodge was any indication of the popularity of big band music, then the love of the big band era is definitely alive and well. From the first downbeat of orchestra leader Tony Benade’s right hand, dozens of couples hit the dance floor to relive the glory days of the famous dance band ballrooms so popular during the big band era. The Tony Benade Orchestra, made up of local musicians who love playing the classic big band charts, kept the energy flowing throughout the night playing such chestnuts as “Take the A Train”, “In The Mood” and “Tuxedo Junction”. Jan Eberle, the daughter of Ray Eberle, who sang with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in its heyday, moved the audience with her renditions of songs in the Miller mood such as “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “Humpty Dumpty Heart”. Ray’s son, Ray Eberle Jr., brought back memories of his Dad singing a poignant rendition of “At Last”, one of the band’s biggest hits of all time. The Gala raises money each year for a scholarship awarded to students pursuing a musical education. One of the first donations to the scholarship fund was made by legendary comedian Bob Hope who was a big admirer of Ray Eberle and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Jan and Ray Jr. are now teaming up with Tony Benade in an exciting new show that will bring back memories of the big band era to audiences around the country.” - Doug Miles, Radio Host of 'Big Band Files with Doug Miles'

WSLR, Sarasota Florida

SUPERB!" What is there to say about the Jack Million Orchestra other than that they are superb? As Jack Coenen (Million) himself says, they are a very talented and eclectic group of musicians from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and the United States (did I leave anyone out?). Jack himself lives in Maastricht (Netherlands), which is coincidentally the home of Andre Reiu (as pointed out during the panel discussion). The precision with which the Million outfit plays each chart is very impressive and quite fun to watch up close. As Ed Polic said so aptly during the panel discussion, listening to good big band music on recordings is not the same as experiencing it live. If you ever have the opportunity to hear the Million crew, by all means do so. They are terrific. Thank you, Jack, for such memorable experiences. Our own GMF member Jan Eberle appeared with the Million Orchestra. As usual, both on and off stage, Jan's passion and advocacy for our kind of music is so very apparent and appealing. Her selections included homage to both her dad Ray and uncle Bob, "Blue Champagne," which both performed with Glenn and Jimmy Dorsey, although only Jimmy recorded it. Even more fascinating was her rendition of "The White Cliffs Of Dover." Not only did Jan open with a tribute to our veterans, a well produced video of Jan and the Jack Million Orchestra visiting the American Military Cemetery in The Netherlands was shown on the screen directly behind the musicians. As Jan sang on stage, she was simultaneously singing on the video. Her voice synched perfectly, as did the Million instruments. I do not know how they could pull it off so precisely. Bravo to Jan and the Million team. That was not all. Following a rousing version of "Juke Box Saturday Night," and a Harry James solo that would blast you out of the auditorium, the band played "Chattanooga Choo Choo," complete with the 1941 "Sun Valley Serenade" performance playing on screen behind them. Again, the band and its singers synched up perfectly with the video.” - Dennis Spragg

— Glenn Miller Fans Yahoo Group

Re: White Cliffs of Dover Music Video Jan, An excellent re-creation of your Dad's 1941 recording with the Glenn Miller orchestra and a very touching and moving video presentation. For the rest of the group the link to the video is as follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbhjtdbKf7g 40 viewings to date (26th June - 16:45 UK time) and hopefully a lot more to follow. Cheers, Ken Seavor Wirral UK” - Ken Seavor, Wirral, U.K.

— Glenn Miller Fans Group

Hello Jan and Jack - This is a marvelous rendition of a most beautiful song and arrangement from the Glenn Miller book. One cannot watch this very special tribute to our fallen GI's from WWII and not experience the full emotion of the moment. You are to be commended for this beautiful presentation. Dave in sunny Florida” - Dave Smith, Florida

— Glenn Miller Fans Group

Jan, that video was absolutely incredible. As I was watching it in the auditorium at Clarinda High School, I was literally moved to tears. Thank you for your part in all of this. Chris Gardner Oshkosh, Wisconsin” - Chris Gardener, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

— Glenn Miller Fans Group

Jan and all, As you know, White Cliffs" is my favorite GM song. I watched it at Clarinda and cried. I watched it again today and cried all the harder. It is one of the most moving recordings I have ever heard. I love it and I love you all the more for doing it. Thank you so much for passing it on. If some of you haven't seen it yet. It is well worth taking the time. I have saved it so I can got back again and again. Bill” - Bill Schaaf

— Glenn Miller Fans Group

This was really a very interesting "musical vidio clip" ( if I may call it this way); the Military Cemetery of Margraten, the daughter of Ray singing and Jack Million playing the wartime song. I visited The Margraten Cemetery several times realizing that we can speak and communicate without any sorrow in freedom because of the all the American soldiers (and of course all the other Allied troops) as well who gave their live in the battle against the Nazi Terror. ( In fact "our own" Glenn was indirectly also one of these american soldiers...) They will never be forgotten!!! Keep'ém flying Jack Van Dyk, Holland” - Jack Van Dyk, Holland

— Glenn Miller Fans Group