The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a classically written, full length story based on Aesop’s famous fable. The characters’ personalities and beautiful illustrations come to life, including the Grasshopper’s forever fiddle! This lively story is full of suspense and intrigue and remains a beacon of strong moral lessons such as sharing, helping the neighbors, faith and greed.

Jan Eberle Schaberg began writing in 1993. She is the author of the biography The Eberle Named Ray and co-author of the biography The Transparent Veil. Her passion for writing children’s books and composing music for two of them is a reflection of her support for high quality children’s literature and education. Jan has also been involved in two scholarship foundations. She led fundraisings for the Ray Eberle Scholarship, named for her late father, and most recently she became a member of the Gulf Coast Foundation scholarship selection committee. Jan enjoys and continues to support today’s youth.

Gastón Hauviller was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He received a degree in Fine Arts from La Escuela Municipal de Bellas Artes Villa Mecenas. He also studied Animation, Psychology and Literature. Gastón is a highly recognized artist whose work has been published in Argentina, France, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the United States. 

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Blue Champagne

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In the Mood for Glenn Miller, Vol. 2

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The Transparent Veil

This is the true story Judy Mitchell Vergason. Her incredible dedication as a Catholic nun for 26 years and the awesome life she lead through mission work and world travel inspires us all. Relive the painful nightmare of leaving the convent and the glory of falling in love. Her service work continued as she devotes her life to The American Legion and The Elks. Judy has lived a live of dedication, devotion and love to one God, the love of a man and their country. Buy the newly released "The Transparent Veil" Also available at,, and